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Don't Let


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Having a hard time sharing

your idea with a



Pain Points

"Why am I getting drastically different cost quotes?"

Sound familiar?

Understanding Scope

Creatives, entrepreneurs, and inventors alike tend to suffer from the same issue: biting off more than we can chew.

Speaking Jargon

For those outside the industry, there can be a language barrier when trying to find a team to build your product.

Not everyone has a tech background

In fact, most people don't. So how are people expected to get started on technology projects?


A roadmap for the language of technology

from initial design phase to a functional prototype.

Advising businesses and creators through the first steps of a technology project to launch faster


Initial Design

Start with a vision and move onto a plan for realizing it. Learn the practices and language of technology teams.

  • Research Existing Products

  • Determine your problem statement

  • Create user persona's

  • Brainstorm features your product will have

abstract oil lighthouse.png


Interactive Prototype

  • Clarify your vision

  • Get feedback from customers and stakeholders

  • Refine user experience

  • Design changes are more efficient


Request  For Proposal

Show development teams your vision with usable mockups and wireframe designs.

Get ready to move forward. Use the work and information gathered to begin officially building the product.

  • Detailed RFP's will ensure better quotes from developers

  • Responses from multiple developers will be easier to compare

  • Save money since most of the challenges have already been addressed

abstract oil rfp.png


Initial Idea

Advising during the beginning stage of a technology project.


Interactive Wireframe*


Create clickable prototypes to test tighten designs.

* Wireframe costs scale with project complexity.

Developer Interviews


Help research different technology developers and narrow down the best fit for your project. Attend developer meetings to ensure communication is clear.

Personal Chief Technical Officer


Work with your project from ideation until your product is launched.

Jay Johns, 

founder of 3r Interactive



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